Courses and Rotations:

Students will take courses as scheduled here: BIG Course Requirements.
In the first year, students will rotate in at least two laboratories.
Prior to each rotation, students submit the Rotation Registration.
After each rotation, students submit the Rotation Evaluation.
After choosing a dissertation advisor, students submit the Dissertation Advisor Declaration.

Student advising:

Each student has a BIG faculty advisor with whom s/he will meet regularly throughout her/his time in graduate school. Also, a meeting for course selection with BIG faculty members will be required for the first two years at the beginning of each semester.

Teaching requirement:

Each student is expected to serve as an unpaid Teaching Fellow (TF) for one 4-credit course or two 2-credit courses.

Qualifying Exam (PQE):

Students take and pass the Preliminary Qualifying Examination (PQE) between the summer after G1 and June of G2. See PQE Guidelines and PQE Application to begin the process.

Dissertation Advisory Committee (DAC):

At least one member of the BIG faculty will serve on each student's DAC. Please refer to the Dissertation Advisory Committee Guidelines  for more information. Each time you meet with your committee, you must submit the Dissertation Advisory Committee Report to the BIG program director.