Student advising

Each student has a BIG faculty advisor with whom they will meet regularly throughout their time in graduate school. Also, a meeting for course selection with BIG faculty members will be required for the first two years at the beginning of each semester.

General Timeline for Completing the DegreeHMS Countway Library

Graduate Year One/G1

BIG program core and elective coursework
Students complete two 8 to 12 week lab rotations.
Students meet at least twice during year with academic advisor(s).

Graduate Year 2/G2

Core and elective coursework completed by the end of G2
Students take and pass Preliminary Qualifying Examination (PQE) by June of G2.
Dissertation laboratory declared by June 30.

Graduate Year 3/G3

Complete PQE.
First Dissertation Advisory Committee (DAC) meeting held no later than September 30 of the G3 year: A DAC report is submitted to the program administrator no more than two days after every DAC meeting.
Second DAC meeting held no later than the end of G3 year: Research progress should compel the DAC to confirm in the report that project can plausibly lead to a dissertation.

Graduate Year 4/G4

DAC meeting held no later than end of the G4 year: DAC confirms research direction and/or progress likely leads to dissertation within 18 months.

Graduate Year 5/G5

DAC meeting held no later than end of December of the G4 year or within 6 months of the previous DAC meeting: DAC confirms strong indication of progress towards completion.
Final DAC Meeting