BIG Student Launches Podcast

July 28, 2020
Anika Gupta

BIG student Anika Gupta launched a new podcast: The Data Pulse. The Data Pulse dives into the growing role that data science plays in biotechnology and biomedical innovations, through conversations with veterans and rising stars at that intersection--spanning academia and industry, and ranging from the molecular to the clinical scales.

For the introductory mini-episode, Anika is joined by Anthony Philippakis of GV and the Broad Institute, and chats with Daphne Koller (insitro/Stanford) for the first full-length episode. Both of these have now been released, and episodes will continue to be released every Tuesday for the rest of the calendar year.

You can follow along and listen here:

To get a preview of the speakers lined up this fall, as well as resources they recommend, you can check out the podcast glossary.

The Data Pulse is for anyone looking to learn more about the intersection of data science and biomedical innovations, regardless of whether approaching from a traditional biology or traditional tech background (or somewhere in the middle!).