BIG Retreat

After a 2 year hiatus, the BIG Annual Retreat was held at the Seacrest Hotel on May 13 & 14, 2022, in Falmouth, MA.  The agenda included several talks from students, discussions, and lots of socializing!

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News and Events - 2019 Retreat

The second annual BIG retreat was held at the Warren Conference Center in Ashland, MA, on September 13 & 14, 2019. The agenda included several talks from students and faculty, discussions, and many social events.

BIG Retreat 2019


2019 Annual Retreat

2019 Student Talks

Yixuan He
Poly-Exposure Risk Score of Common Diseases

Masahiro Kanai
Cross-population fine-mapping of complex diseases and traits

Aparna Nathan 
Multimodal single-cell analysis of 70,000 memory T cells from a Peruvian TB progression cohort

Raehoon Jeong
Why do some variants in transcription factor motifs not disrupt its binding?

Doug Yao
Quantifying genetic effects on disease mediated by assayed gene expression levels

Kate Lachance
The role of RNA degradation on mitochondrial gene expression

Alison Barton
Investigating likely-causal, coding variant associations from imputed UK Biobank exome data


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2018 First Annual BIG Retreat

The first all-BIG retreat was held at the Wylie Inn and Conference Center in Beverly, MA. The program included social events and numerous talks from students and faculty.

BIG Retreat 2018

2018 Annual Retreat

2018 Student Talks

Jacob Luber
Discovery and Validation of a Gut Microbiome that Improves Athletic Performance

Tiffany Amariuta

IMPACT: A data aggregation strategy to infer cell-state-specific regulatory elements accurately predicts motif binding and significantly captures polygenic trait heritability

Luke O'Connor

Polygenicity of human traits is explained by negative selection

Rebeca Borges Monroy

Somatic Retrotransposition in the Aging Human Brain

Zachary Chiang

Mapping the epigenome in situ

Qingbo Wang

Landscape of multi-nucleotide variants in 125748 human exomes and 15708 genomes

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BIG Retreat 2018

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