BIG Defenses

Joe Luquette
Methods for Single-Cell DNA Sequencing Analysis with Application to the Human Brain
Advisor: Peter Park
Rebeca Borges Monroy
Transposable Elements in Health and Disease
Advisor: Christopher Walsh
Sam Freeman
Approaches for understanding relationships between cancer genomes and clinical cancer features
Advisor: Gad Getz
Alexander Garruss
Accelerating the Understanding and Design of Intracellular Biosensors by Massively Multiplexed Experimentation and Machine Leaning
Advisor: George Church
Jacob Mayne Luber, Systems Interrogation of Host-Microbiome Immunomodulation and Metabolism
Advisor: Meromit Singer
Tiffany Amariuta, Functional characterization of genetic variation with in silico predictions of cell-type-specific regulatory elements
Advisor: Soumya Raychaudhuri
Danielle Rasooly, Prioritizing Observational Associations with Family History of Disease and Mendelian Randomization
Advisor: Chirag Patel
Surojit Biswas, Principles of machine learning-guided protein engineering
Advisor: George Church
Craig Lambert Bohrson, Discovery and analysis of somatic mutations in aging neurons using single-cell DNA sequencing
Advisor: Peter Park
Siranush Sarkizova, Learning and modeling the rules of endogenous antigen presentation of MHC class I
Advisor: Nir Hacohen
Amaro Taylor-Weiner, Development and application of methods for cancer genome analysis
Advisor: Gad Getz
Luke O’Connor, Genetic Architecture of common diseases and complex traits
Advisor: Alkes Price
Jeffrey Gerold, Evolution and Immunity in Cancer and HIV
Advisor: Martin Nowak
Kamil Slowikowski, Transcriptomics of the synovium in rheumatoid arthritis
Advisor: Soumya Raychaudhuri
Jack Kosmicki, The contribution of rare de novo and inherited coding variants in neurodevelopmental disorders
Advisor: Mark Daly
Adam Riesselman, Building maps from genetic sequences to biological function
Advisor: Debora Marks
Peter Palmedo, Extending the Reach of Coevolution-Based Protein Residue-Residue Contact Prediction
Advisor: Bonnie Berger
Yu-Han Hsu, Developing Computational Methods for Analyzing Metabolomics Data and Applications to Study Obesity
Advisor: Joel Hirschhorn
Jean Fan, Computational and Statistical Methods for Characterizing Single-cell Heterogeneity
Advisor: Peter Kharchenko
Dustin Griesemer: Assaying 3-Prime Untranslated Region Variants in a Massively Parallel Fashion
Advisor: Pardis Sabeti
Jeremiah Wala: Genome-wide detection of structural variants and signatures of their selection in cancer
Advisor: Rameen Beroukhim